As Unye Doga Schools we belong to the Doga Schools Turkey. We are working as a licensed school. The first Doga School campus was established in 2002 in Istanbul. After the success, it opened in five other campuses and today there are over 106 campuses in various cities all over Turkey. Thus, education scope of Doga Schools is nation-wide.

The Unye Doga Schools were established in 2014. The School consists of a Primary School comprising of 182 students and 19 teachers, of a middle school with 181 students and 21 teachers and a high school with 133 students and 20 teachers. Our working hours are 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

Unye Doga Schools is located 15 km away from the city center in a district. It has a view to the Black Sea and is in a green area which provides a peaceful education environment.

We have a Science Lab, a Music Room, an Art Room, a 3D Class. Our school worships the hands-on training which is reached by the equipment and high-qualified teachers and administration. We also have Ecology Class in which students can learn many things such as making pickles, growing vegetables in our garden by doing and applying. Our school provides lunch in the cafeteria where healthy homemade food is served to all the students and personel

Our students participates international competitions called URFODU, and KANGURU related to mathematics..I n high school, we have a class called t-MBA. The t-MBA includes Marketing, Human Resources, Economy, International Relations, Commercial Law, Management and Organization, Data Mining, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation classes.

Our English classes are separated as general grammar and skills. In addition, foreign language department has different national activities. The most important one is d’MUN (Doga Model United Nations). MUN is a simulation of the United Nation Conferences. Students will speak on behalf of a country and try to handle with international problems and issues. This activity is realized two times every year. Apart from that, every year our students participates CAMBRIDGE and TELC Exams to evaluate their English and German levels.

As Unye Doga Schools our mission is to raise individuals who acquire the knowledge rather than memorizing, who use the knowledge rather than storing it, who are successful not only at examinations, but also at interschool culture, art, sports, science events, who have a high accumulation of knowledge, who think freely and can express their ideas explicitly, who have an international vision, are committed to local values and open to universal ones, who have acquired a foreign language at the level of conducting scientific studies and who are the bright leaders of the future.