Mosjøen videregående skole

The school was established by joining the administration of two prior individual upper secondary schools. The school is located at four different locations and focus on providing width in the curriculum offered at the school. It is an important ideal for Mosjøen videregående that every student should have the opportunity to find a programme of study that coincide with his or her interests. Therefore the school offers these programmes of study:

1. Building and Construction
2. Design, Arts and Craft
3. Electricity and Electronics
4. Health and Social Care
5. Sports and Physical Education
6. Music, Dance and Drama
7. Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry
8. Restaurant and Food Processing
9. Specialization in General Studies
10. Technical and Industrial Production

The school seek to offer each student in the region a programme of study that coincide with their interest and strengths.

Mosjøen videregående cooperate with the industry, in both Mosjøen and the region. This makes it easier for the students to get a relevant obligatory work placement (in vocational programmes) in the local environment. This is an important asset in providing the students with a better understanding of their choice of programme. Furthermore, it makes the student aware what is required from them as an employee. The school works closely with Helgeland Event which make the student contribute in cultural projects in the city. Examples of this is “Julebyen Mosjøen” ( Mosjøen – the Christmas City), “Bysprinten” where some of the world’s best cross-country skiers compete in a race in the city center. In addition to this, the school is the owner of the project “Arktisk Mat”, where several Michelin stars comes to Mosjøen to serve amazing dishes based on local commodities.

Important values for Mosjøen videregående is following up on our students and establishing good relations. Every student need to know that they are seen and that the school know their strengths. These sides should be emphasized and the students are able to use this in the lessons. Students are provided with help with handling the challenges that might occur. It is important that the staff have good relations amongst themselves, therefore the school arrange a “sharing day” once during the school year. Staff who use new, innovative and good solutions in their lessons has the opportunity to share this with the rest of the staff. Employees who have good solutions to different issues are given the opportunity to teach the rest of the staff.