Istituto di Istruzione Superiore G.A. Pischedda


The IIS "GA Pischedda" is a General Secondary School, consisting in 96 teachers, 57 people work in the administration, assistants, technicians; students are 600, the age range is between 14-19; it includes several addresses: Classical, Scientific, Technical for administration, finance and marketing, Vocational services, restaurants and hotel accommodation; Vocational for agriculture: also has a Boarding school and a small farm. Situate in the urban part, many students are coming from socioeconomically disadvantaged background and small suburban areas. Many teachers have been working here for many years and they need to deal with other realities, in Europe and in the world, to compare their methodological approach to teaching and renew their experiences of job and life.


Our school is involved in many cross-border activities, while culture and knowledge multiply wealth, bring out the talent, stimulate competition and competitiveness. Investing in education and training is definitely the best to promote development and welfare for all.

With the Erasmus KA2 projects we want start a new way of doing education:
1.Prevent early school leaving;
2.Create a better learning environment;
3.Preserve the cultural identity of the Community through the study and the comparison with other realities;
4.Creating a best e more interesting teaching/learning environment at school;
5.Increase participation from young people and families to the life of school;
6.Built an active European citizenship;

In this way we believe that we can fight causes and reduce disadvantages that are the main issues for early school leaving, bad performances at school, bad social relationship, frustrating situation that can compromise the growth of young people and the social progress.

We know that if we fight successfully these problems we help to develop the whole school education systems.

The school has its own strategic plan and one of the main objectives is the internationalization of the curriculum; this goal is pursued through participation in a series of actions. The other goal is to prepare young people for the university and the labour world.

The school is very attentive to the aspects concerning the relationship, communication and the development of agreements with enterprises (Alternating school/job and Traineeships in Italy and abroad). These projects are part of the strategic plan because his actions combine to reach School's priorities and long-term goals that like in this project are:

1.Reducing early school leaving, creating a better educational environment;
2.Improve attainment of basic skills, giving faith in yourself and in the capability to learn;
3.Enhancing quality education and care of adolescents, looking for their wellness;
4.Improve professional skills in teaching, reducing conflicts and aggressive behavior;
5.Promoting multilingualism, the use of ICT, through international, cultural exchanges;
6.Promoting positive interpersonal relations, cooperative learning, peer education.


The I.I.S.“G.A. Pischedda” has a complex development plan that looking to the future but with strong roots in the past and aims to build a most modern educational plan. In fact along the years, school has actively participated in the European programs for education and training projects like Comenius, Linguistic, Cultural, School development projects; FSE Projects for ECDL license and FESR for informatics infrastructure. Currently is participating in the Erasmus+ program with different actions like: KA1Staff mobility, KA1 VET; KA2 Strategic Partnerships. In the future we plan to be able to play an important role for the economy and society of this city and area, giving services for European projects, training and placement, in the perspective of Lifelong Learning Program. These project activities are an important part of this strategic plan.

The previous experience of the school about international projects is very rich and varied. There has been much international experience with the activities like: -MUN (Model United Nations ( NHSMUN in New York, RICMUN in Istanbul, SAIMUN in Dublin, THIMUN Qatar, SPIMUN Sait Petersburg).

The school, every year, is pursuing:

1.Projects for "Training, Placement and Stage", in Italy and abroad;
2.FIXO project, placement services for School and University;
3.Projects Guidance the University

Also very important are the projects that every year this school is managing for the:

1.Prevention of youth problems and the early leavers school;
2.Sport, Healthcare, Volunteer projects;

For Information and Communication Technology:

1."Sardegna Digitale" Project;

All these activities are interconnected in a long-term project that aims:

1.A strong internationalization of the curriculum;
2.The promotion of innovative methodologies;
3.A strong involvement of the families in the school educational process;
4.The creation of paths of school-work in connection with the production system;
5.Increase the active participation of the students.

The school is also engaged in a series of projects that bring young people closer to entrepreneurship and allow them to get to know more closely.
These activities include:

1.The extension and consolidation of language skills;
2.Acquiring skills and abilities in the field of ICT;
3.Enhancement of European citizenship education;
4.Willingness to participate in projects of renovation, of methodological innovation of teaching/learning in national and international networks;


In the activities are involved the key staff/persons with competences in foreign languages, ITC, and with previous experience in European projects and international cultural exchanges; so they will bring to the activities a strong support in the theoretical development and in practical arrangements.

The project staff and participants are involved in the main areas of instruction: linguistic, logical-mathematical, and scientific, technical, technological, ICT, historical and social studies, Art, Sport, education and education for special needs. In this plan is actively involve the headmistress' and the administrative and technical staff because, for them is important comparing with other systems of organization and management.

The school interacts with Institutions and Voluntary Associations in the area: they make available to the school their specialists and their operators who work with schools and families to the implementation of a better quality of education services.