The most beautiful sunset in the world

Granada, Spain

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Tallinn, Estonia

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Mosjøen, Norway

Ünye, Turkey

Ünye, Turkey

Erasmus+ Project

The project co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, coordinated by the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes School in Granada and in which four other schools participate as partners: Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "GA Pischedda" ( Italy), Mosjøen videregående skole (Norway), AS Audentes (Audentese Erakool and Audentese Spordigümnaasium) (Estonia) and Unye Doga Okullari (Turkey).

My Future World project

The two-year project (September 2017-September 2019) has as its main purpose that our students are aware that they are the creators of the future and assume their role and responsibility in the relationship between environment, human beings, technology and health in the next two decades (2016-2036).

The project will offer real support to the participants for the development of transversal skills, foreign languages ​​and digital skills that prepare them for their academic and social future. These activities are aimed at promoting civic difficulties, freedom of expression, awareness and cultural expression, critical thinking, creativity, autonomy, integrity, leadership, responsibility, positive attitude, empathy and lifelong social skills that allow personal development of the participants.

"My Future World" project offers the possibility for the students of these schools to carry out mobilities between the different countries involved and to practice English language in different situations, exposing the problems that affect them in the future and the solutions that are needed to be done to guarantee sustainable development in all areas.

The goals to be achieved with this project are the following:

  • To develop interdisciplinary and transversal skills of the 72 students and 29 teachers who will be involved in the mobilities during the project execution period.
  • To encourage critical thinking, linguistic skills and civic awareness both of the students involved in the mobilities, and of all the students of the center who will be involved in the progress of the project through various initiatives
  • To internationalize and expand the school curriculum of the five schools involved in the project, led by the Colegio Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes as manager.
  • To show new perspectives and patterns to connect body, mind and spirit with, teaching values ​​such as tolerance, respect, cultural diversity or work.

Internationalising the school curriculum implies providing pupils with European and global perspectives of their discipline and giving them a broader knowledge base for their development. The project will develop pupils’ intercultural competencies preparing them to be global citizens of a rapidly changing, complex global world and workforce.

The development of emotional intelligence, self- motivation, team- working, creativity, problem solving, adaptability, critical observation will guarantee pupils’ success in life. The wide range of diverse activities will determine pupils to value their social intelligence, to develop the cross cultural competency, sense of initiative, as well as, cultural awareness and expression, challenging them to solve problems of the next decade – population, migration, climate, energy.

In short, obtaining the Erasmus + project (Ref. 2017-1-ES01-KA219-038559_1) is a success for the whole of the educational community that makes up the Colegio Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, which will have the opportunity to lead, in collaboration with the other schools involved, fundamental actions destined, on the one hand, to the academic and personal enrichment of the students, their families and teachers and, on the other, to the impact on society through various initiatives that allow the sustainability of the project beyond its temporal limits.

The target group of students involved in the project is formed by 14-17 years old pupils, the age when children start to feel the generation gap and that no one understands them. As adults, we are aware of all that this “critical period” involves, as we felt it when we were young, too. It is well known how intellectual, emotional and social development is affected in the early adolescence. When pupils enter adolescence, they tend to perceive the world around them as being right or wrong, good or bad and act without thinking about the long-term consequences of their actions. Interacting directly with peers from different corners of Europe, working and creating things together, it will help raising their self awareness and realize that we are all the same despite some differences.

Target groups of the project are pupils, teachers, parents and experts in education.

It is needed to carry out this project transnationally as the pupils need to be prepared to adapt to a globalized world that will affect each aspect of everyday life. The direct interaction will help to:

  • Better understand broader issues from other European countries and imagine the world of tomorrow together.
  • Encourage pupils and teachers to reflect on European topics.
  • Raise awareness of the necessity of having a peaceful Europe.
  • Strengthen internationalization of schools, integration of education and innovation.
  • Identify common values with peers from different European countries.
  • Improve communication in foreign languages.

The project will facilitate adaptability of students in a world undergoing rapid change making them responsible and active EU citizens of a multicultural world.

Our project is innovative as it aims to develop students’ transversal and soft skills using a holistic approach. The “knowledge, skills and motivation of students” is the framework of the project. The project activities are structured according to the two dimensions of students’ competence: internal conditions (knowledge, skills, motivation) and external conditions (situation, assignment, result).

The holistic approaches used in our project promote the idea that each person finds his identity, role and purpose in life by being connected to the nature, society and spiritual values. We encourage teachers to focus more on students’ emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. Pupils learn spontaneously and naturally absorbing and taking information from the environment as a whole, and they decode the meaning afterwards. The diversity of the activities, the transdiciplinarity and the use of ICT will arouse pupils’ curiosity and motivation and they will develop forward and conceptual thinking.

Our project encourages innovation in education integrating transdiciplinarity in the school curriculum. Transdiciplinarity will be used during the Geography, Biology, Physics, IT and English classes.

Getting to know more about other educational systems, teaching methods, schools internal strategies in addition to the direct exchange of good practice examples will lead to the internationalization of the schools and schools curriculum. Developing the cross disciplinary key competences will create greater social cohesion among students, teachers and parents. Collaborative learning and peer learning are also used in our project. Partners will have the opportunity to see how the development of transversal and soft skills is supported and how are they implemented in the school curricula in the partner schools.

The project is complementary as it promotes the use of ICT tools to tackle the connectedness of mind, body and spirit.

The reciprocal exchange of good practice examples will strengthen the feeling of belonging to the united European society.

The partnership’s socio-cultural diversity will lead all beneficiaries and participants to a know-how exchange and broader understanding of the involved regions, enhancing educational processes between and inside partner schools which will positively influence future relations and developments.

Activities calendar

My Future World Teachers

Jose Alberto Lopez Marquez

Granada School

Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes

Heli Illipe-Sootak

Tallinn School


Giuliana Demurtas

Bosa School

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore G.A. Pischedda

Nazli Yalmıç

Ünye School

Ünye Doğa Okulları

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